A horse in a farm, a wonderful tool

Since it has been domesticated in the ancient time, the horse is a wonderful support to the human : early it has been used as a mean of transport when the modern cars did not exist yet, and it also has been very helpful for earth tilling. Nowadays it still remains a great tool for the farmers. We make you learn more about its skills regarding field tilling, and we teach you how to make the most of your horse.

The farmer need horses

As we all know times have changed, and modernity brings us its share of doohickeys which make our lives easier. But there still are some regions all over the world where the farmers do not have any access to modern means. And that is when the horse takes place : powerful, strong-willed and tough, it represents a wonderful tool to till the earth, because it is able to replace the tractors and oher sophisticated agricultural equipment.

How to make horses useful in a farm

The horse is an astounding allied for earth tilling. Indeed it is tough, very powerful and hardy. So it is able to lift and tow so more weight than a human, and for a very long time. It can be used to plow the fields, pull the stumps off or transport heavy materials as haystacks.

You also can do sport with them

The horses which are used in the farms usually are draft horses, which are much better appropriate for agricultural work. But do you know that the workhorse could also be a perfect riding horse ? Indeed, although it is heavier and bigger than a classic horse, it is as able to learn classic dressage ! So you will be able to make it jump, teach it some dressage figures and even go for some rides ! Moreover, thanks to its impressive muscle structure, the draft horse is very comfortable to ride. Find horse equipment visit equitack for used english saddles for sale.

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